8: Les nombres 40 - 200- Numbers 40-200
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1 Where I live
2 Places in town
3 Directions
4 School
5 Class objects
6. Time?
7. Weather
8.Numbers 40-200
9. Euro
10. Food likes
11. Bon appetit!
12. Icecream
14. School subjects
15. Clothes
16. Bridging unit
17. Class language

What you will learn in film 8

You became familiar with numbers 1-31 when working with Early Start French 1: "Salut! Ça va?" In this section, you will get more scope for measuring in French, as the video introduces you to the higher numbers 40 - 200 and beyond.

You will be able to measure in French, such as in our kite-making project; also weigh ingredients and do more calculations. In section 9, "L'Euro", you will use the numbers for shopping in French.

The Teacher' s Manual has a feature on the history of metric measures in France.

 The language of French numbers explained Dums in French on the calculator
The video introduces the pattern of French numbers,...----....some sums in French on the calculator...
A French maths lesson Kite project activity sheet
Metric measur=ing: we look at a French class having a maths lesson. -----RIGHT: Kite project.
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kite How to make your own kite in French

One class made the kite in the Teacher’s Manual in a session where they all spoke French to give instructions, and to ask for materials and tools.,

They then looked for other designs to experiment with, in a bid to find the best kite.

One success was a design from a kite school in Hawaii . Using a sheet of A4 photocopy paper per kite, it offered - "20 kites for 20 kids in 20 minutes - Uncle Jonathan's easiest classroom kites ever!" -


Stage 6 of the simple design

http://www.clem.freeserve.co.uk - plans for "Clem's home-made newspaper kite"

http://www.plans.kitez.com - choose from several plans for simple kites to build.

http://www.theotherside.co.uk/tm-heritage/visit/visit-berck-agora.htm - find out more about the AGORA Kite School at Berck-sur-Mer shown in the video.

http://www.kitecalendar .co.uk - lists kiting events you can join in.

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