7: Quel temps fait-il?- What's the weather like?
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What you will learn with film 7

In this section you will learn to talk about the weather. Your teacher may arrange for this to become a regular part of your daily routine in school - as well as using French for greeting pupils, taking the register, asking how they are and saying the date, you can also talk about the weather.

This topic offers lots of possibilities for cross curricular activities.

It's cold! - It's raining!

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Today's weather in France

The French government has weather forecasters (like the UK Meteorological Office) who show the weather for France and their forecasts on a website called www.meteo.fr.

One class had 6 groups that were each studying a different town in France. Each day, they used the site to help make a class display of what the weather was like in these towns.

They used the symbols from the activity sheet in the pack 2, and fixed them onto a map of France. The website also told them the temperatures in different places around France. They included that in their display.

Every day, they also sent an email to their French link school, saying (in French) what the weather was like in their town.

The weather in France
one day in October:

Go to: http://www.meteo.fr, click on "Prévisions" (forecast) and you will see today's weather.

The symbols on the weather map
The children found they had to work out - by "gisting" - what some of the French words in the weather forecast meant. It helped that they had already looked at their own country's official weather forecast, so they knew what to expect. (for UK, see.......................).

On this day in October, they found it was rainy and cloudy in the west of France, and sunny with some clouds in the west. Over the mountains in the south there were some storms with thunder and lightning.

Here are the main symbols for that day. Can you work out what they mean?

Soleil Voilé
Variable avec Averses
Couvert, Pluies Modérées ou Fortes
Orages Isolés

If you need to find out what other symbols mean, click the button "Guide". This leads to a page which tells you, in a few French words like those above. You might not know all the words, but you can work it out.

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Finding a classroom-sized Map of France

CILT, the UK National Centre for Languages, provides a Factsheet of sources for posters on its website, http://www.cilt.org.uk

CILT http://www.cilt.org.uk
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