4: A l'école - At school
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1 Where I live
2 Places in town
3 Directions
4 School
5 Class objects
6. Time?
7. Weather
8.Numbers 40-200
9. Euro
10. Food likes
11. Bon appetit!
12. Icecream
14. School subjects
15. Clothes
16. Bridging unit
17. Class language

What you will learn with film 4

In this section you learn the names for different rooms in school. You can use your knowledge of simple directions to show any French visitors to places around your school, or to find your way around a school in a French-speaking country.

You will see what a French school is like, and can compare it with your own school.

The "talking point" explores school lunches, with examples of a typical weekly menu.

Lunch in the school's self-service canteen --- the Technology room, with computers, too.
School playground --- the school library.
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School lunch menus

Many primary schools in France make their school lunch menus available ONLINE, so parents can easily check on what their children are eating.

Click to do a Google search that will give you lots of menus to choose from:

 Google restauration scolaire menu 

For the leaflet given to pupils in a primary school in Roubaix (seen in film 4) , with lunch menus for one term.

see chapter 11 - "Bon appétit!"

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