3: Toutes directions-Simple directions
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1 Where I live
2 Places in town
3 Directions
4 School
5 Class objects
6. Time?
7. Weather
8.Numbers 40-200
9. Euro
10. Food likes
11. Bon appetit!
12. Icecream
14. School subjects
15. Clothes
16. Bridging unit
17. Class language

What you will learn in film 3

This section enables you to begin to ask for directions to particular places in town, and helps you towards understanding simple replies.

Politeness (saying "please") is recommended!

You will also be able to give French people directions to places in your own school or neighbourhood.

 Dennlys Parc Dennlys Parc - go left!
Dennlys Parc, a children' theme park. ---- "Driving" the vintage car ride: "turn left".
 Town plan - directions in French rue Napoleon - french street sign
(left) The video shows how to give directions on a town plan (also on an activity sheet)
. (right) rue Napoleon - the video also looks at street names in french towns.
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Dennlys Parc

This children's theme parc provides a safe controlled environment for a class day-trip to France - or to meet up with your French partner school, and enjoy the rides together. Located in the countryside between St Omer and Hesdin.

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