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French Starter Pack
1 Greetings
2 How are you?
3 What's your name?
Famous people
4 Alphabet
5 Family
6 Numbers 1-12
7 Ages
8 Brothers & sisters
9 Pets
10 Colours
11 Months
12 Numbers 13 - 31
13 Birthdays
14 LDays of the week
15 Today's date
16 Weather
17 Christmas
Consolidation and assessment

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Making movies in the classroom

Making movies make sense is a unique Mac/PC CD-ROM that will help children and young people to understand film language.

The effect of camera, sound, light, colour and editing are clearly explained using dozens of specially shot stills, video and audio clips.

How-to sections link theory and practice, and the 'Making a film' section describes how to go about planning, shooting and editing a film.

Making Movies CD-ROM course

More details, sample pages and ordering information:Making digital movies

Getting equipped to make movies need not be expensive - find out about some new low-cost digital video cameras...

more on Making digital movies....

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TV5 - easier access to the best of French-speaking TV

Your pupils will enjoy a look at the favourite TV programmes of their counterparts in French-speaking countries - especially if you suggest this as a topic for exchange of information with your partner link school.

You can now more easily access (and record for off-air replay at school) these on TV5 - a free satellite channel which is funded by the governements of France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada to show the best of public-service broadcasting from French-speaking TV around the world.

TV5 is now (2002) on Sky channel 825 ( available with the family package) - 24 hours a day, every day. Link to http://www.TV5.org for more details, and programme details, and to sign up for a free email newsletter with programme listings.

For example, there are many children's programmes on at weekends particularly. The main evening news (re-broadcast from TF2) is at 7.30 GMT.

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Websites for cultural background

See the site, 'Just 4 kids' (in English and French language versions) produced by the Institut Français in London.

It has interesting cultural background information about France, French people, their history (a bit), customs and language - aimed at KS2 and young beginners...

http://www.ambafrance-uk.org - for pupils

For additional material on many subjects for teachers, see: France @ la carte - very useful material on France to help teachers preparing lessons and finding answers to pupils' queries.

http://www.francealacarte.org.uk - for teachers

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Additional videos


Award-winning animated children's films on video in French, suitable for primary school age beginners are available from FOLIMAGE in France.

You can see some of their French children's cartoon films online at:


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