16. Quel temps fait-il?

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16 Weather
17 Christmas
Consolidation and assessment

What you will learn with film 16

In this section you will learn to say what the weather. is today . Your teacher may arrange for this to become a regular part of your daily routine in school - as well as using French for greeting pupils, taking the register, asking how they are and saying the date, you can also say what the weather is today.

It's cold! - It's raining!

"Il fait mauvais!" - the weather is nasty.

This topic offers lots of possibilities for cross curricular activities.

"Il neige" - scene at the Christmas Fair in Béthune

The class to look out the window and say what the weathers like today.
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Monet's weather

How to paint like Monet...

Presenter Mark Speight visits Claude Monet's garden at Giverny near Paris to create a painting on location using Monet's Impressionist style. There are lots of tips on observation, using colour, capturing a sense (rather than every detail) of a scene and broad stroke painting.


Rare old film of Monet painting in his garden

Monet painted outdoors on a huge canvas, right in front of what he was painting - under the sheler of big umbrellas.

In this amazing film you can see how he looks over at the pond before mixing a colour on his palette and adding a dab of paint to his picture.
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