12 Les nombres de 13 à 31


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French Starter Pack
1 Greetings
2 How are you?
3 What's your name?
Famous people
4 Alphabet
5 Family
6 Numbers 1-12
7 Ages
8 Brothers & sisters
9 Pets
10 Colours
11 Months
12 Numbers 13 - 31
13 Birthdays
14 LDays of the week
15 Today's date
16 Weather
17 Christmas
Consolidation and assessment

What you will learn in video section 12

Animated sequences with acrobatic tumbling numbers introduce you to the numbers in French in two steps: 13-20, and 21-31

You see French children counting the bounces on a beach club's trampoline...

Hide and seek: Amélie counts up to 30.

From previous sections, you are already familiar with the numbers 1-12 and the months of the year. Learning the numbers 13-31 will now enable you to talk about dates, such as when youir birthday is.

You can also embark on a wider range of mathematical activities, paving the way towards using French when telling the time, calculating with money, and measuring weight, length and speed (see Pack 2, "Où habites-tu?").

In games, such as Boules, a.k.a. "Pétanque" you can also use French numbers to talk about scores, and measuring whose ball is nearer the "cochonnet".

Why not have a go playing Pétanque - in French, of course!

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Introducing pétanque as a team game

How to play pétanque (Boules)
Click on the right to download a 1-sheet handout on "The Simple Rules of Boules".

You 'll enjoy using your French to keep score and pass on measurements of how far each boule is from the 'cochonnet'....

How to play Boules:

Download boulrule.pdf [20k]
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Playing boules in France in the 19th century: the Pétanque version was devised in 1910 in the south of France.

Previously in section 5 (Colours) we introduced a simple version of "beach boules" - a game played between individuals which gives opportunities to talk about 'colours'.

Playing the full game involves talking about measurements as you work out which team has the closest boule to the "cochonnet", and counting up points as you work out the score.

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Links to sites about pétanque:

cBBC Sport tells you what petanque is all about, tells you a good "cheat" to help you win, and gives links to where you can find out more...


British Pétanque Association

Schools can affiliate to the BPA and get help with running competitions, coaching, and access to local Petanque clubs, They also run an award scheme with four levels to help encourage young people to develop their ability and skill at the game.

British Pétanque Association,
12 Ensign Business Centre, Westwood Park, Coventry, CV4 8JA
Tel: 02476 421408 Fax: 02476 422269

Pétanque / boules is a game for all ages.

Buy your equipment from the Association atL: www.boulesales.co.uk

http://www.playaboule.com - website of a US supplier of equipment, includes pages on:

  • How to play,
  • Concise rules,
  • Guide to boules,
  • Building a playing area: a "piste" or terrain.

http://www.beachmedia.com - lots of useful information from a US enthusiast.

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