6. Les nombres de 0 à 12


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1 Greetings
2 How are you?
3 What's your name?
Famous people
4 Alphabet
5 Family
6 Numbers 1-12
7 Ages
8 Brothers & sisters
9 Pets
10 Colours
11 Months
12 Numbers 13 - 31
13 Birthdays
14 LDays of the week
15 Today's date
16 Weather
17 Christmas
Consolidation and assessment

What you will learn in video section 6

Animated numbers 0-12 dance across the screen

You hear French children skipping to a Numbers Song" (words and music in Teacher's Manual)

See French children playing a board game...

... rolling the die is good practice for calling out numbers 1-6 in French.

The primary classroom gives plenty of opportunities for speaking French whilst doing number work.

The language for numbers takes time to learn and needs plenty of practice. The numbers 1-31 are introduced in two stages: 1-12 here, after which you learn to say their ages - you may decide to take this in two stages, since 12 words is a lot of vocabulary to learn at once. 13-31 come later in section 9, after which you will learn how to say the date, when your birthday is, and how many brothers and sisters you have.

The words for basic arithmetic operations (+,- and x) are also introduced in this section so that you can do simple maths in French.

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How to write numbers like French people...

See if you can do sums in French!

Watch the video with your partner, and take turns to call out sums. They can be adding, subtracting or multiplying - using the French phrases you'll hear.

See if you can write the numbers correctly - and also write them like a French person!, using the examples below:-

On the video, you'll hear some sums done in French

As you can see, the most characteristic French hand-written numbers are:-

the '7' and the '1' ,
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Play dominoes in French

Another chance to hear and say the numbers...
If you don;t have a set of dominoes, you can download a sheet to print and cut out (see right).

The sheet also reminds you of the usual rules of how to play. There is one extra rule:
- when you put down a domino, you
MUST tell the other player which numbers they can put down - in French.

If you don't do it correctly, you have to pick up your domino and miss that turn.

A sheet of dominoes to print and cut out:

Download numbers-dominoes.pdf [52k]
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