4. L'alphabet


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2 How are you?
3 What's your name?
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4 Alphabet
5 Family
6 Numbers 1-12
7 Ages
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11 Months
12 Numbers 13 - 31
13 Birthdays
14 LDays of the week
15 Today's date
16 Weather
17 Christmas
Consolidation and assessment

What you will learn in Section 4

You see animated letters perform in the circus ring., and hear the French names of each letter.

The alphabet is a big help to getting used to French sounds. If learning all 26 letters is too much, why not start by just learning to spell your own name?

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Railways in France

In France, people refer to things by initial letters every day - like 'SNCF' and 'TGV' in the video.

French railways have been owned and run by the French government since the 1930's. It has spent lots of French taxpayers' money on making many of the trains fast and modern, whilst keeping the fares quite low. French railway workers often go on strike for more wages - they have more strikes than any other group of workers in France.

France is a big country, so the fast trains between big cities are very popular. Many French people also travel by train into the cities to work.

But 3 out of 4 French families have a car, and they prefer to drive in their leisure time. There are big traffic jams on French motorways when everyone goes away for their holidays.

Here is a link to the SNCF web site, which has a timetable in English:

Suppose you take a cross-Channel ferry from Dover to Calais. Can you plan a trip by train from Calais to the big city of Lille and back again, in one day?

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