Ch.16: En classe: Classroom management


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French Starter Pack
1 Greetings
2 Goodbye
3 Ça va?
4 What's your name?
Famous people
4a Alphabet
5 Colours
6 Numbers 1-12
7 Ages
8 Months
9 Numbers 13 - 31
10 Birthdays
11 Days of the week
12 Today's date
13 Pets
14 Brothers & sisters
15 Consolidation / assessment
16 En classe

 (This section is meant for teachers rather than pupils)

Film 16 - for teachers

"Who is having school dinners?" - teacher in a primary school in Villeneuve d'Ascq

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The following recommended CILT book in the "Young Pathfinder" series gives more help on developing your use of French in the classroom, and is available on order direct from CILT.

Keep talking (YPF4)
Teaching in the target language
Peter Satchwell

Provides detailed guidance on how to ensure progression by developing the use of the target language. It gives a range of practical advice with examples on how to communicate in the classroom, discusses the importance of progression, and shows how to organise displays. It also contains an appendix of useful target language for use in the classroom in both French and German.

Introduction - Communication in the classroom - Progression - Displaying the target language - Conclusion
Appendix 1: Target language for classroom interaction -
Appendix 2: Common first names -
Appendix 3: Bibliography -
Appendix 4: Useful addresses.

February 1997, 80 pages, 240 x 180mm, paperback, 1 874016 73 9, £8.00.
How to order:

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