Ch.3: Ça va? - How are you?


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1 Greetings
2 Goodbye
3 Ça va?
4 What's your name?
Famous people
4a Alphabet
5 Colours
6 Numbers 1-12
7 Ages
8 Months
9 Numbers 13 - 31
10 Birthdays
11 Days of the week
12 Today's date
13 Pets
14 Brothers & sisters
15 Consolidation / assessment
16 En classe

What you will learn in section 3

"Salut! Ça va?"
Zélie greets visitors at her home in Villeneuve d'Ascq

You see the French teacher ask children how they are as they come into the class...

The class sing the Title Song, "Salut! Ça va?" (words and music in the Teacher's Manual)

Animated cartoon: asking a "Giant" how he is. Find out more about the "Giants" of northern France in
section 1....

In the video - or on the CD-ROM - you will see lots of people - children, adults and giants - meet up and ask "How are you?"

You will hear how you can reply, depending on whether you are feeling really great, OK, sort-of-OK-ish, or not-OK-at-all.....

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Make a puppet, or buy one....

'Black girl' hand puppet

If you make a puppet, you will always have someone to talk with in French!

Here's how to make a puppet that can only speak and understand French.

You can make a simple finger puppet with paper or felt; glove puppets can be made starting with a large old sock, a glove, or an old cuddly toy with the stuffing removed.

If you want to buy a ready-made puppet, Early Start can supply inexpensive finger puppets and really good hand puppets with expressive working mouths - see Puppets page for more....

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Web links

Revise what you have learned in sections 1 to 3 on the BBCi Primary French web site, which follows the same official Guidelines as Early Start French.

Go to 'Hello! How are you?' and see how much you know!.

BBCi Primary French follows the same guidelines as Early Start French.
Meet 'Roller' and other young French characters on BBCi
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