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Children can hear what they write - in French

Clicker MFL for Primary French

This great value resource uses the familiar strengths of Clicker 5 in your MFL teaching.

With the Clicker MFL CDs, children can build a sentence by selecting from a word bank, then hear it read out loud with authentic pronunciation.

This helps build their confidence and fluency through interactive activities that develop listening, speaking, reading and wriing.

It eases them over the daunting initial hurdle of having to spell each word. Extra words can be added from the keyboard - and it even helps with accents!

Authentic accent
Each CD includes the French MFL Speech Engine, plus real speech recorded by a native French speaker.

Two Levels
French 1
introduces basic everyday vocabulary, such as numbers and colours, and covers popular topics like family, food, birthdays, animals and our bodies.

French 2 builds on the vocabulary and structures introduced in French 1. Over 100 new activities are built around new topics including pocket money clothes, sport and numbers.

Clicker MFL for Primary French: building sentences with a word grid
Build sentences by clicking on the word bank
Clicker MFL for Primary French: simple dialogues (shopping)

Children can read and listen to simple dialogues, write their own sentences...and record their own speech.

Traditional Stories in Clicker MFL for Primary French

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Traditional Stories
French Stories uses more advanced language to encourage children to read, listen and write in the context of familiar tales, like Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Jack and the Beanstalk: children can read the story, and listen to it read aloud...with all the familiar features of stories told with Clicker..

Early Start recommends Clicker 5 for developing literacy in French - see other resources for using Clicker in teaching Spanish and German.

Cinderella: children can re-tell the story, and write their own sentences...and hear what they've written.

If your school already uses Clicker 5, you just need these Clicker MFL CDs:
Clicker MFL for French 1

Clicker MFL for French 2


Clicker MFL: French Traditional Stories


NOTE: CDs are not yet available for Mac computers.

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Buy Clicker 5

These resources use the Clicker 5 software installed on your computer. If you don't already have Clicker 5, you need to buy that first, or upgrade from earlier versions

Clicker itself is PC or Mac compatible, but if you also want the MFL voices, these are currently only available for PCs.

All are available here from Early Start.
Clicker 5 (single user) - £ + VAT
Multiple-user licences are also available

Clicker 5 software

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