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Children can hear what they write - in French, German or Spanish

Clicker 5 with French voice
Build sentences by clicking on the word bank
Clicker keyboard on-screen

Clicker 5 with French, German or Spanish voices Optional extra add-ons

With Clicker 5, children can build a sentence by selecting from a word bank, then hear it read out loud with authentic pronunciation. This helps them over the daunting initial hurdle of having to spell each word. Extra words can be added from the keyboard - and it even helps with accents!

Great transitional tool -
make writing in a foreign language fun

Clicker uses powerful learning strategies that help SEN chilren develop literacy skills. In MFL, it's equally useful that young beginners benefit from Clicker's state-of-the-art text-to-speech-engine speaking the words they write; preserving the vital link between writing and sound.

The artificial accent and intonation is very good - and there is a choice of male and female voices to add realism. Children can also add their own sound recordings.

Early Start recommends Clicker 5 for developing literacy in French, Spanish and German.

If your school already uses Clicker 5, you just need the add-on MFL voices:
French voice - £ + VAT
German voice - £ + VAT
Spanish voice - £ + VAT
NOTE: voices are not yet available for Mac computers.

...or type extra words using the on-screen keyboard.

Accents? Easy!
No complicated codes!
Just click to choose accented characters.

Accents are easy with Clicker

NEW Clicker activities with Talking Big Books:
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Buy Clicker 5

The 'voices' are an optional extra you add-on to the Clicker 5 software installed on your computer. If you dn't already have Clicker 5, you need to buy that first.

Clicker itself is PC or Mac compatible, but if you also want the MFL voices, these are currently only available for PCs.

All are available here from Early Start.
Clicker 5 (single user) - £ + VAT
Multiple-user licences are also available

Clicker 5 software

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