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Primary German

What you will see and do with
German 1 CD-ROM

Windows/Mac CD-ROM
Simple technology, easy to use.

Easy to find your way around: most activities are just a click away from the main menu

An additional resource to use with your Early Start German 1 pack.
Carefully structured
, introducing new language
with learner-friendly progression to match the QCA Guidelines.

Can be used in many ways:

  • as a small-group activity to give children more language practice in the classroom;
  • as a homework extension linked to lessons in a school or club;
  • for family language learning - ideal for home educators and independent learning.
in whole-class teacher-led acivities using a data-projector or interactive whiteboard

Prices and ordering
Technical Support FAQ

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See 15 films, each split up to introduce
bite-size chunks of new language.

We filmed them specially for the Starter Pack with native speakers to show simple language in real social contexts that you can understand without translation.

With the CD-ROM, you have control as an independent learner. Watch at your own pace - pause - see them again if you want.

You control watching an hour's worth of film clips

Short video demonstration

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Features on famous Germans, Christmas, climate, etc - with web links to find out more.

Follow 12 "Talking Points"
Mini-features on points of interest in the films, as you catch glimpses of a child's eye view of everyday life in Germany.

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Play 18 innovative games
that give you a chance to respond
and use the language while it's fresh in your min

Some games follow the theme of an English circus preparing for a tour of Germany - can Marvo the magician do his act in German?

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Immediate response, you race against the clock!

Join in several quizzes
that make you stop and think about what you see in the films.

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Play literacy games
applying lessons from the Literacy Hour

to learning a new language

First steps to using a German dictionary..

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Sort the German days-of-the-week into order.

Do sums in German.
You'll enjoy returning to the CD-ROM to join in the interactive activities...

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Play BINGO in German - on your own, or with with as many friends, family, or class-mates as want to join in!

Show you understand what German children are saying.
...so the new language becomes familiar before you've realised it!

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Prices and ordering

Win/Mac CD-ROM, s
Single-user (stand-alone computer) ..........£60.00 + VAT *

Site licence, with CD...........£120.00 + VAT*

* add p&p £1.70 + VAT

Computer system requirements:
IBM Compatible PC with
CD-ROM drive: 4x or faster
Windows 95 or later
SVGA 800 x 600 x 256colours or better
Pentium processor: (faster gives better movie play-back)
64mb RAM
Sound card (any 16bit Soundblaster or 100% compatible) and speakers

Macintosh with CD-ROM drive (4x or faster)
From OS X 10.3.9 works with Hyperstudio Legacy Player
For older Macs:
System 8.6 or later; works under Classic Mode on OS X
800 x 600 x 256 colours or better
Min. 13in. monitor.
64mb RAM

Single-user (stand-alone computer) - £ + VAT *
Buy with CILT Plus
EXTRA COPY of single user CD-ROM (for use in same school) - £ + VAT *
Site licence, with CD - £ + VAT*
Buy with CILT Plus
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