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NEW - Lucy Cat

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NEW! Hungry Caterpillar in French

book cover
Our price:

"The Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle
The French-language version of this well-loved classic picture story is called "La chenille qui fait des trous".

Familiar to most children, you can use it for great lessons based around the story, focusing on the French words for counting, foods and days-of-the-week to help get children started in reading French.

(see Ch.11 in Early Start French 1).

Also available in Spanish and German.

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I CAN READ - French & English bilingual stories

Parallel French and English texts, with appealing stories & illustrations..
Also helps children compare and discuss different languages and how they work .

Children love these warm and humorous stories and the enchanting colour illustrations by very talented illustrators. They are ideal for reading aloud, and provide a rich "mine" of language examples to talk about.

The carefully controlled parallel French-English texts with lots of repetition makes them perfect for young language learners taking their first steps in reading French.

Each book ends with a short picture dictionary to highlight the key words in the new language. Also included is an introduction on using the book and a complete guide to the pronunciation of the foreign language,

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NEW! Space Postman

NEW! George the Goldfish

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Space Postman - - bilingual story, English / French
The space postman is delivering letters and parcels to all the planets when disaster strikes and the postbag falls out of his spaceship! Will Blop get his postcard?
Also available in Spanish

George the Goldfish - bilingual story, English / French
Harry is sad when George his pet goldfish dies and is buried in the garden.
But when spring comes, Harry has a wonderful surprise.
Also available in Spanish

Price: £

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I'm Too Big

Goodnight Everyone

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Je suis Trop Gros

The elephant and giraffe are unhappy.
One would like to be taller, the other shorter.
One would like bigger ears, the other smaller ones.
But finally they agree. they like each other as they are.

Price: £

Also available in Spanish

Goodnight Everyonre
Bonne Nuit à Tous

It's Martha's bedtime, but first she has to say goodnight to all her cuddly friends: teddy, penguin, monkey and little mouse.
They're all tucked in. but will there be space for Martha?

Price: £

Also available in Spanish

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Get Dressed, Robbie

What's for Supper?

Habille-toi, Robbie

Robbie loves getting dressed all by himself, but his choice of clothes is often very original.
Today he's going out with his mum.
What does he choose to wear?

Price: £

Also available in Spanish

Whats for Supper?
Qu'est-ce Qu'on Mange Ce Soir?

Dad and his children are cooking tonight, but first they have to go shopping at the supermarket.
They want to keep the dish a secret from Mum.
What can they be making?
This book can help with your story-writing project - see EARLY START French Pack 2: ch.12

£ Also available in Spanish

Happy Birthday!

I Want My Banana!

Happy birthday
Bon Anniversaire!

Michael's party is in full swing when - oops, away fly all the colourful balloons!
Is the party spoilt or will Mum come to the rescue?

Price: £

Also available in Spanish

I want my banana
Je Veux ma Banane!

Monkey's hungry, but he can't find his banana.
Some fearsome jungle creatures offer him tasty alternatives, but monkey isn't convinced of their generosity.
This book can help with your story-writing project - see EARLY START French Pack 2: ch.12
£ Also available in Spanish

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Hurry up Molly

Puppy Finds a Friend

Hurry up Molly
Dépêche-toi Molly

It's time for Molly to get ready for bed and then dad will read her a story.

But Molly enjoys herself too much in the bathroom.

Suddenly she remembers Dad is waiting!


Also available in Spanish

Puppy finds a Friend
Le Petit Chien se Trouve un Ami

It's Saturday and Puppy wants to play.
He tries his farmyard friends but they all have something more important to do.
Will he have to play alone, or can he find a friend after all?


Also available in Spanish

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NEW! Let's Read.... is a new series of bi-lingual books for children aged 8+ who are independent readers. Parallel text, pictures and speech bubbles help build a bridge to reading - and speaking - in French.

Danny's Blog

The Time Twins

Is it the end of the road for the orangutan reserve at Pumai? Who will stop Brad Coram from taking over and destroying everything?

Danny has a plan...

Parallel text in French and English.

Have fun with new French words and phrases on the quiz page.


Also available in Spanish

Find out what happens when Tom and Sophie discover Grandpa's latest invention and travel back in time.


Parallel text in French and English.

Have fun with new French words and phrases on the quiz page.


Also available in Spanish

Recommended dictionaries

It's important to help children
develop their skills in using a bi-lingual dictionary.

They need a well-designed dictionary
that follows key principles in an age-appropriate way
- ideally with the right kind of examples of usage and cultural background information
to meet the needs of young beginners.

Full information about French dictionaries
recommended by Early Start
to fit in with the KS2 Framework,
see our
page on French dictionaries -->

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Activity books

First French with Superchat

Take a journey into French, with Superchat as your guide, and enjoy super-fun games, activities and songs.

Accompanied by a CD to help you perfect your French pronunciation and songs to sing,

Includes instructions, activity sheets, a "Treasure Hunt" board game and a colourful poster to stick on your wall.

Price: £ + VAT

French Fun - with audio-CD

A book full of lively puzzles, games, cutting and sticking activities to practise essential first French words and phrases.

Includes colourful press-out characters with clothes to dress them.

Pack includes Audio-CD for pronunciation, recorded with native speaker.

French Fun
Price: £9.99 incl. VAT
Book only price £5.99
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Colour In French

Colouring books with a difference. A wonderful way to learn some simple but useful new words in French.

Clear black and white pictures of the popular themes, such as beach, countryside, wild animals, zoo animals, colours, and numbers. Each picture numbered so you can easily find the word for the picture you are colouring at the side of the page.

Price: £3.99

Colour in French
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50 French Phrases

It's easy to learn first essential French phrases with this fun and friendly action-packed book. The games and activities give children lots of practice at speaking out loud and will encourage everyone to have a go.

- join in the Shopping Game

- choose something from the tasty menu

- practise colours and numbers with the entertaining baord game

- play Spot the Family!

Price: £5.99

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Regarde où j'habite! Look where I live!

A delightful look-and-find book to practise your French!

Angus has friends in many different countries and you could play 'I Spy' inside their houses. You'll learn lots of new words in French as you hunt through the rooms searching for all sorts of interesting things. You'll also discover the differences - and similarities - in each of the different homes across the globe.

An ideal companion to your Early Start French 2 pack 'Où habites-tu?'

Price: £5.99

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Ma Famille

This book encourages readers to work with simple French terms:
- Where were you born?
- Do you have any brothers or sisters?
- How many aunts and uncles do you have?
- What are their names?
Have fun finding out the answers to these and many other simple questions. Use this colourful activity book to build up a fascinating picture of your family and relations and create your very own family tree.

Ma Famille

Price: £4.99

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NEW! Children's Classics in French
Cendrillon / Cinderella

Price: £9.99

Re-visit traditional favourites in French with these new photocopiable story and activity books

Blanche-Neige / Snow White

Price: £9.99

Fantastic resources to teach French using two very popular classic tales.

Each book contains:

simplified French story plus playscript with easy dialogue,

characters to cut out and colour in,

mini-theatre to act out the script

and notes for teachers on how to use the book.

The whole book is PHOTOCOPIABLE for multiple use in class, language club or at home.

Also available in Spanish.

Préparons Noël / Préparons Pâques
Preparons Noel - Christmas activity book
activity books

These cheerful full colour activity books are all in French!

Packed with excellent step-by-step craft ideas, puzzles and games for seasonal fun

Perfect books for children to learn French while having fun preparing for these important festivals.

Preparons Paques - Easter activity book

Includes making Christmas decorations, Christmas cards and simple Christmas gifts. The popular make-an-Advent Calendar pull-out is now downloadable here.

Price: £5.99

Includes painting eggs, growing seeds, making marzipan bunnies and paper flowers. There is an extra centre pull-out Easter basket free to download here.

Price: £5.99

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Lucy Cat files
in French
for your whiteboard.

Find out more-->

Lucy Cat

- bilingual comic strip series in basic French

- NOW four titles available, still at only £ each

Lucy Cat books and whiteboard resources for primary French

  Lucy Cat on the Beach - French bilingual book cover   Lucy Cat on the Farm - French bilingual book cover
Lucy Cat at the Beach
Lucy Cat at the Farm
Lucy Cat in Town - French-English bilingual book   Lucy Cat at the Party - French-English bilingual book
Lucy Cat in Town
Lucy Cat at the Party
Lucy Cat books only £ each
Children will enjoy re-telling these stories with StoryMaker
- easy-to-use software that makes characters move about and speak!
They say out loud whatever you have written in French in their speech-bubbles.

StoryMaker comes with backgounds and characters for each of these stories (and many more...)
Find out more....>

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