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(KS2 Science, 4B Habitats, 6A Interdependence)

Look at how animals and plants that live in different places are adapted to where they live.

Elephants and giraffes are large creatures, both physically adapted to life in their habitats in Africa, south of the Sahara. Their bodies help them compete with other lifeforms to find enough food, survive in sufficient numbers against predators, and keep comfortable through extremes of weather.

You can look at adaptation as "a solution to a problem". African elephants live to be 60; giraffes to be 25 - BUT what would happen if (as in the story), they became different?

To help you predict, here are some fact sheets about each animal:


And here are some free teacher web sites for the Science topic 'Life - Adaptation and Habitat'



How are they adapted to where they live?

(Left) Giraffe and elephant at watering hole

(below) African elephant in the Savannah



The book to go with the CD-ROM

"¡No me gusta mi nariz larga!
Quiero una corta."

Also available as a bilingual Spanish - English hardback book

The elephant and giraffe are unhappy. One would like to be taller, the other shorter.
One would like bigger ears, the other smaller ones.
But finally they agree - they like each other as they are.


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Act out the story in class with this finger puppet set.

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