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I'm Too Big
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This is a lovely simple story about opposites. Two animals envy each other, but in fact each is well adapted to its own way of surviving. It's a good way to help young beginners with adjectives in the new language - and the story themes have good cross-curricular links with your Science topics: 4B Habitats, 6A Adaptation.

This CD-ROM includes FREE optional extra Clicker grids.
NOTE: the main part of this Talking Big Book runs without Clicker ...

This CD-ROM includes free optional extra Clicker grids

Your children will enjoy reading the book with French and English parallel texts -also in Spanish

Story summary:
The elephant and giraffe are unhappy. One would like to be taller, the other shorter.
One would like bigger ears, the other smaller ones.
But finally they agree - they like each other as they are.

Telling the story, fun with the text

The story is told (in the Talking Big Books CD-ROM version) with a series of simple animations that highlight how the two characters compare themselves. Finger puppets are an optional extra.

Children can join in the story with these delightful inexpensive finger-puppets:
Finger puppets
Giraffe and elephant only £ plus VAT.

Animated section from the story on CD-ROM

Some of the varied activities on the CD-ROM
As well as the story - beautifully told in French by a native speaker - you'll find...

games like spotting nouns, verbs and adjectives in the French text...
a simple quiz to help you understand particular words and phrases in French... the jumbled pictures-and-narration in story order...
..sort the jumbled words of a sentence from the story..
...identify parts of the body when you hear them called out in French...
...and much more. Last update: Copyright © 2007-09 Early Start Languages