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Get dressed Robbie
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This Big Book CD-ROM is all about describing clothes
- so it's ideal to fit with your topic on 'clothes' and your work on adjectives in French.

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Get Dressed, Robbie
Your children will also enjoy reading the book with French and English parallel texts -also in Spanish

Mais aujourd'hui. Robbie choisit son T-shirt vert à pois,

Story summary:
Robbie loves getting dressed all by himself, but his choice of clothes is often very original.
Today he's going out with his mum.
What does he choose to wear?

Some of the varied activities on the CD-ROM
As well as the story - beautifully told in French by a native speaker - you'll find...

see and hear the story at whatever pace you choose - with options to repeat, see or hide the text, and see English if you want.
..identify items of clothing when you hear them called out in French.. some words from the story into dictionary order...
..sort the jumbled words of a sentence that you hear from the story.. "Simon Says..." - you hear a word and have have a few seconds to pick the right picture..
...and focus on sounds: see if you can pick words in the story that contain a particular phoneme...
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