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Hurry up, Molly
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This story has wide applicability: its language is simple, but it's a good humorous tale
with very useful vocabulary - especially parts of the body - and good potential cross-curricular links.

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Hurry up, Molly book cover
Your children will enjoy reading the book with French and English parallel texts -also in Spanish

Lave-toi la figure, crie-t-il. Lave-toi les dents.

Story summary:
I t's time for Molly to get ready for bed and then dad will read her a story.
But Molly enjoys herself too much in the bathroom.
Suddenly she remembers Dad is waiting!

Cross-curricular links
losing your milk teeth
Losing their milk teeth is an important event for primary-school-age children, and it's vital they learn to to look after their teeth.

"Hurry up, Molly" is a great way to link a French language topic with teaching about tooth-care and what's happening when children lose their milk-teeth...

They'll be fascinated to explore international variations in the legend of the Tooth Fairy, and find out that French families are visited by "la petite souris"...

Some of the varied activities on the CD-ROM
As well as the story - beautifully told in French by a native speaker - you'll find...

games like spotting nouns, verbs and adjectives in the French text...
a simple quiz to help you understand particular words and phrases in French... the jumbled pictures-and-narration in story order...
..sort the jumbled words of a sentence from the story..
...identify parts of the body when you hear them called out in French...
...and explore web links about the Tooth Fairy what French families do when children lose their teeth...

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