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Goodnight Everyone
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This is a story for younger beginners, suitable to introduce reading even for KS1.

Story summary:
It's Martha's bedtime, but first she has to say goodnight to all her cuddly friends:
teddy, penguin, monkey and little mouse.
It's a busy time!
Eventually they're all tucked in. but will there be space for Martha?

The sentences and vocabulary are very basic: it's little more than a list of Martha's toys, as she puts them to bed one-by-one.

Children will enjoy being able to follow the simple storyline in another language. They will have fun echoing the new words, which introduce a good range of French sounds.

 Teddy's bedtime - from "Goodnight Everyone".
"Bonne nuit, nounours."

Activities on the CD-ROM

These are simple, fun and age-appropriate -
mainly word-level listening and matching games, remembering the words, and listening for particular sounds, like:

New Words: - use this flashcard utility for short class sessions re-looking at key words in the story - see 'Teacher's Notes' on that activity.

Kim's Game, Go to bed, Jacques a dit and Picture Match: - also work at word level, and can be used for quick short sessions.

Story Quiz: - when you have told the story once or twice, see how much children have understood (the quiz is designed to help!);

Jumbled Story: - children put sentences from the story in the correct order;

Sort Words: - how many words can you spot with an accent?

while Phonemes and Arrange Words look at literacy and developing reading and writing skills.

Play a novel version of 'Kim's Game'...


After the story, do a Goodnight survey...

Primary French- do a bedtime survey in French
After the story, an extra activity on the CD-ROM introduces language to help your class to do a simple survey in French, with 2 questions:

"What is your bed-time?",
with possible answers on-the-hour, or in 24h clock for older/ more advanced pupils;
and "What helps you to sleep?"
with a choice of simple word/phrase answers.

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