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Praise from John Bald in the Guardian

"An exception is Early Start's series of Talking Big Books, available in French and Spanish for primary or younger secondary children. The ... stories in each language are clear, well-illustrated, and presented at a pace children can understand, with a well-organised series of additional activities to practise language skills and clear teachers' notes. French and Spanish versions are both recommended." Read the whole article > http://education.guardian.co.uk/link/story/0,,2236733,00.html

Not just a recorded story -
YOU have control over how the story is told:
  • Step-through the story at a pace to suit your class.
  • Go back if you want, or pause to discuss.
  • HEAR the native-speaker storyteller...
  • ...as you SEE the French text line-by-line.
  • Text can be switched off
  • Words can be highlighted as you hear them.
  • Hear any line repeated...
  • ...or see an English version if you want.
Click 'Play' arrow to see a short demonstration...
Children always hear the words as they read them, encouraging good pronunciation.
Vivid illustrations make the simple text readily understandable.

Introduce the sound and spelling of key words -
Electronic flashcards

  • Designed to encourage class participation
  • Big clear pictures...
  • optional native-speaker sound.
  • optional text.
  • le, la or l' always shown
  • Colour-coded for gender
  • New words introduced in small groups

...or use for echoing, guessing games, "conceal-and-reveal" - lots of ideas in the Teacher's Notes (included on CD-ROM).

A perfect tool for your interactive whiteboard.
Some of the key words from the story "Puppy finds a Friend" in French (above)

...plus carefully designed games using the story to develop language skills.

Simple games to help children focus on what they hear -
Listening skills - compare spoken and written words

In "Happy Birthday", this game asks children to compare the French words with what they hear.

One letter at a time is highlighted - but is it pronounced?

Children can listen as many times as they want, until they are ready to choose (and add to their score!).

Hear for yourself...

Helps children work out how they can sound French!


Explore with your class how French written words are pronounced.
This game from the story "Happy Birthday" in French (above)

Puppy Finds a Friend- screen shots
Examples of activities (L>R): Tell the story; reveal the picture; spot the phoneme...
Each CD-ROM presents the story plus at over 10 varied activities.

Build oracy and literacy skills - KS2 Framework for MFL

Children have fun joining in with the story, discovering they can work out what is going on in unfamiliar language.

Games and activities help them begin to read and pronounce new words with confidence.

They can even try writing their own story!

What's on each CD-ROM?

Each CD-ROM includes the story, Teacher's Notes and lots of interactive activities:

  • - spot silent letters
  • - sentence from jumbled words
  • - Hangman
  • - Simon Says!
  • - Spot the sound (phonemes)
  • - Storyquiz
  • - Story Starter / Sentence Builder
  • - Find word types (nouns, etc)
  • - electronic flashcards

...plus NEW! - Clicker 5 grids FREE with some new titles!

This CD-ROM includes free optional extra Clicker grids

Some new CD-ROMs include FREE optional extra Clicker grids.
NOTE: the main part of all Talking Big Book titles run without Clicker ...

Find out more about Clicker here...>







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GUIDE to age suitability of Big Book CD-ROMs
Suitable for...
Language content
Cross-curricular themes
Goodnight Everyone

toy animals

myself, toys

Happy Birthday

counting, colours, exclamations


I Want My Banana

jungle animals, food

environment, conservation

I'm Too Big

comparing opposites

Adaptation (science), diversity

Hurry Up, Molly

parts of body, directions

my body

George the Goldfish

pets, feelings, seasons

Life cycles (science)

Puppy Finds a Friend

farm animals, excuses

Farming, animal welfare

What's for Supper?

food, shopping, likes/dislikes

Food, cooking.

Space Postman

directions, simple narrative (searching)

space, sci-fi, Solar System

Get Dressed, Robbie

clothes, adjectives (descriptions)

clothes, fashions









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What's for Supper?


Puppy Finds a Friend


finger puppet set
for 'Puppy finds a Friend'

I Want My Banana


finger puppet set
for 'I want my Banana'

Happy Birthday


George the Goldfish


Goodnight Everyone


Hurry Up, Molly


Get Dressed, Robbie


Space Postman


I'm Too Big


finger puppet set
for 'I'm too big'

NEW - 'Let's Read' series for children with 2+ years French

Time Twins


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Computer requirements for CD-ROMs:
Works with Windows 7, XP and Vista (and Windows 95 or later)
Windows PC
All now work with Intel Macs (BLUE tick) Also work with older Mac OS from 8.6 up to 10.4
* For titles marked as 'OK for Intel Macs'
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Ideal for all electronic whiteboards and data projectors
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Make your own multimedia games

The "Talking Big Book CD-ROM" series is made using HyperStudio, the award-winning multimedia authoring program that is simple for classroom use.

Find out more, also how to buy a copy from Early Start Languages:

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